We are

Reality was born in 2005 from a dream of Valentina Bontempi, founder of the company, which immediately proved to be an interesting intuition: “just because you can’t make it happen doesn’t mean you can’t see it”.
There are many reasons to create a photorealistic render: you may need to represent a product still in the production phase, to evaluate variants of material, colors or finishes, or you may find logistical difficulties … In all these situations, a rendering photorealistic allows to have a representation not only of the object but also of the context, allowing a considerable saving of money and time.

It all sounds very logical and straightforward, but in 2005 when we started believing it, nobody was doing it.
Today photorealistic renderings are absolutely comparable to a photograph. They not only convince even the most experienced eye, but they can even overcome the communicative and emotional capacity of a photographic image created on the set.
Since 2005, Reality stops being a dream and becomes reality, introducing itself to the market as an interior design and photorealism studio, the first in Emilia Romagna.
Over time, it integrates advanced graphic, advertising, digital and multimedia design services, becoming an increasingly strategic partner for its customers.

More than 10 years later, the Reality team involves art directors, designers, photographers, architects and 3D artists, video makers, developers, and communication professionals who collaborate every day with passion to create not only images, but

projects that have a soul.