Video and animation

The story is the protagonist.

You put the popcorn in, we put the creativity in it.
Our team of video makers, directors and technicians is at your disposal to give voice to your ideas, transform your products and your projects into images capable of transmitting sensations, emotions, feelings.
All things impossible to explain.
We have always known that a picture is worth a thousand words. Now try to think how many words a video can be worth in which images follow one another, change perspective, frame, intertwine with sounds and voices, texts and emotions, giving body
and soul to a unique story, yours.

The Reality team dedicated to video area employs directors, video technicians, sound engineers, musicians and special effects experts,
both 2D and 3D. An important group of experts who know how to “work as a team”, because precisely in areas such as that of video productions the result is the fruit of a plurality of well-orchestrated skills.

Beyond technologies and professionalism, the design path is always the most important ingredient, the heart in the true sense of the word. The only element that can transform a sequence of frames into a story that makes you dream, making the strings of feeling vibrate.

Info & Contacts

We are ready to go to work. You tell us your ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.