3d and styling

Capturing the senses to reach the heart.

A little pioneering. Always. When we started, the method was new. Everything to be invented, tested, improved.
Today, technology has reached optimal levels. Quality is no longer a point of arrival, but a starting point.
What makes the difference is the heart you put into the project, the emotions it is able to generate.

The images are perfect from every point of view, but their strength is contained in the sensitivity of the details, especially of the smaller ones,
which have the extraordinary power to bewitch and conquer you at first glance.
Like love at first sight ...

The time when we wondered how to best accomplish a sofa has long passed, now the question is how to
transmit the warmth of a material, the softness of a cushion, how to reach the heart by involving the senses.
Research and experimentation are part of our DNA, they stimulate our creativity and fuel the passion for our work.

Info & Contacts

We are ready to go to work. You tell us your ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.